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I met Tank Shake years ago when he was doing some work at Los Alamos. He ended up helping some of our partners choose e-commerce platforms for their smaller businesses.

Recently, Tank Shake took over operations at one of our branches and restructured everything in a few days. He went home, created new algorithms for all our partners and emailed them to us. In 1 day.
Tank Shake is a “Machine”.. And he’s extremely intelligent.
His non-traditional methods seem scary at first. But you have to trust him. He is the best around and now he is available. Basically, you can now get him more than once a month 🙂

Original Recommendation Date: March 24th, 2017

JP Preston - March 24, 2017
Sales Branch VP, eBay

Best SEO firm in the biz! Best e-commerce consultants in the biz!

Hired them for a week. Needed a custom algorithm for a private marketing firm. A week’s worth of work and research done in a day!

Highly Recommend

Chronic Research and Development
Jeff B. - May 12, 2017
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Umm. WOW. If I could keep him on retainer I would. His advice and his suggestions were unlike any others. He has a solid background in every aspect of life and he’s a psychology major. If you need something custom, look no further. Tank Shake is a true genius. Non traditional consultants like Tank Shake are hard to find. Too bad we can’t keep him :smiles:

Thank you for everything. Will be using him again in the near future.

Lisa Moore - June 1, 2017
Marketing Executive, Shopify

Tank Shake has worked for me off and on over the past few years. He is the most intelligent person I have ever had the honor of knowing. He is a genius. A genuine present-day genius. His thought process and his infinite range of knowledge are truly a gift and are light years ahead of anyone I have ever met or read about.

He speaks of himself very humbly, but don’t be fooled. Ask him for his input to get a feel for him. The more time you give him to think, the more incredible your solution will be.

This guy does it all.

I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find someone like him. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble early on if I knew of Tank Shake.

Tank Shake created one of the most efficient social media marketing campaigns I have ever seen. At the time, it was created for one of my subsidiaries and was later implemented into every business I had. After finishing this system for me, he worked as the director of operations at one of my other subsidiaries. While he was there he restructured our workforce of over 400 employees that resulted in a savings of over 17% of our annual costs. 17% after he was paid. He has been a trusted adviser to all my businesses ever since and continues to consult for me whenever I need him.

Don’t be fooled by his looks. He has a very rugged stature that can be intimidating at first. If you’ve never actually seen him face to face, you will be surprised at how wrong your thoughts were on what he might have looked like.

The whole time I have known Tank Shake, he has always acted in a professional manner. I have never once seen or heard him get frustrated or angry over the years. He lets nothing get to him and he always follows through. He is truly one of those people who can handle anything and everything you throw at him. Among many other things, he is a true problem-solver and solutions-creator. This is not just how I feel; this is how everyone I have ever lent him out to has also felt.

Last time he was here, he fixed an accounting problem we had. He just randomly put the pieces together and solved it just like that. He has a very unique perspective and he sees things most do not.

He is a very difficult person to try and figure out and an even harder person to know. Don’t let it get to you.

Extremely Intelligent, Honest, Trustworthy, Dependable, Reliable, Loyal = TANK SHAKE

Tank Shake was the coolest stone-cold sober guy I’ve ever met. Intelligent but very hard to read. I’ll give you the same advice everyone else has already given- listen to him. His brain is like a computer. Once you try his non-traditional solutions, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. It just makes sense.
If you catch his profile publicly you should try to connect with him asap. He keeps it private and unsearchable most of the time and I could never find him.
He was able to do everything over one conference call. Anytime you need another point of view or you have an idea you needed tossed around, call him. If you have a problem and need a bunch of options and solutions, he’s your guy. Tank Shake is the best.

-CannaRxx Social Media and Brand

Rudy Ewing - June 4, 2017
CEO, CannaRxx & New Pharm

Simply the best.

Business Consulting - CHRONIC RD
Jessie K. - July 7th, 2017
SBA, Agent