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Jenny Epson

Jenny Epson


Jenny is currently CHRONIC RD’s CEO. She and TB have known each other for many years. She met TB at Google in 2005 and they have been close ever since. Jenny spends all of her free time with her best friend Peggy (her Doberman).

Molin Bengtson

Molin Bengtson


Molin is VP of CHRONIC RD. She lives in Sweden full-time with her best friend Emma and she loves to spend her time fishing. She loves to run and spend time at the beach whenever she’s out of the office.

Jerry Cohen

Jerry Cohen


Jerry Cohen is CHRONIC RD’s Vice President and Accountant. Jerry has been with Chronic RD for 3 years. He enjoys spending time vacationing with his family. We love this guy!

Tank Shake



TB founded Chronic Research and Development in 2014. In 2015, TB started another business and he has worked their full-time ever since. He built Chronic RD from the ground up by himself and helped turn it into what it is today. Over the past decade, TB has worked as a special contractor for Google.


Laguna Beach, California

La Jolla, California

Halmstad, Sweden