Are you still using a Marketing Funnel to run your online business?

Didn’t you get the memo? The funnel died years ago.

If you’re still funneling your marketing campaigns for any online e-commerce business, you can be doing a lot better.

Kill The Marketing Funnel

Before the web became mainstream for everyone, marketing funnel techniques were still a viable source to drive your campaigns. But just like with everything else online, things are constantly changing. Don’t get me wrong, the marketing funnel can be useful in very specific online scenarios, but they shouldn’t ever be your “go-to” for any of your marketing strategies or techniques.

Why Marketers Still Use Funnels

Discussing marketing techniques is like talking religion or politics with your in-laws. Basically, people get hurt really easily and feel threatened when you try to tell them that their methods are no longer useful. That’s why someone with 15 years of marketing experience doesn’t mean anything these days unless they are current and up to date with what’s going on right now in that specific industry. You cannot use the same techniques over multiple markets and industries. The only place funnels can be useful are in regards to analytics.

There isn’t a whole lot of room for old marketing techniques and slick car salesmen when your target audience:

  1. Already knows the cheapest place to get their car online
  2. Can look up a better price in a millisecond on the device glued to their face.

It’s just not the same.

Marketing professionals cannot use use the same techniques with different industries. Anyone who tells you different is probably still funneling…

Food marketing professionals have nothing in common with toy marketing pros except for the tools they use to view and compile data. That’s it. In respect to what they do with that data, they have nothing in common.

Graphics, logos, colors, and every other tool in your marketing profession do have similarities with other industries. But snowboarders and restaurant goers are not looking for the same visuals and graphic representations when they’re shopping for their next restaurant or snowboarding jacket. Believing they are similar is utterly insane.

Think about it…

Using that logic (funneling and using methodologies across industries), we here at Chronic RD would have 50 years experience. But what about when a refrigerator business needs our help? Our 50 years of experience is worthless. We can help them with the basic similarities that all marketers share, but that is it. I see too many agencies using these similarities as a basis for their campaigns and proposals just to make a buck. And it’s sad.

We specialize in many industries that we have firm backgrounds in. But most of all, we specialize in custom and non-traditional arrangements. We build industries and markets. That’s what we specialize in. If you work in an industry we don’t know anything about, we won’t take you on. Period

So unless you’re open to change, chances are you’re still using a funnel (or nobody’s wanted to tell you).

What Prompted This Article

I have a new client that is in this same situation. Very well-educated, lots of experience in the old market, not open to any suggestions from anyone and doesn’t like to think they are part of the problem. Nobody likes to feel like they are the problem. But when you hire someone to fix your problems, you should never go in thinking that everyone else is to blame. 

Luckily, we were able to come to a mutual agreement for testing purposes. The deal was that if our proposal didn’t work, he wouldn’t have to pay.

Everything worked out great. Now we have a loyal customer that can trust we will always point them in the right direction and a marketer that now understands funneless marketing works 🙂


I have clients who still won’t budge from religiously using theirs funnels to this day. But they are also usually the type of clients who cannot fully grasp the concept of consulting fundamentals to begin with. They get mad and blame you when they don’t take your advice and things don’t work out the way they should.

Being a successful marketer is impossible if you cannot be open to change and accept the fact that not everyone feels the same way you do. There is no single platform, firm or service that is going to transform your marketing for you.

Some say to flip the funnel, but this will only be makes things more confusing.

Upside Down Marketing Funnel

Forget the funnel. Kill the funnel.

Don’t try reinventing the wheel. Get rid of it!

Be open to change. Get rid of the funnel. Move on and welcome the future.

Chronic Research and Development

Stay Tuned For Part II

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