Everyone has become so used to GoDaddy over the years. They are a great host for small sites and blogs. Their prices for VPS hosting are almost unbeatable. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, GoDaddy can only do so much for you under those amazing VPS deals.

GoDaddy limits traffic and MySQL connections to a fair amount, but some people need more. The unlimited bandwidth is a huge plus, but can lead to ignoring issues and errors that are using up way too much bandwidth.

Many of my client’s have had problems anytime traffic goes north of 200 concurrent connections on e-commerce sites.

Nowadays, many so called “techs” and agencies have made a living for themselves based on the inner workings of GoDaddy VPS hosting. cPanel and WHM to be more specific. Although these are great tools for all techs and agencies, they should not be depended on 100%. They were built for the savvy and owners who wanted to learn to do things themselves. They were built for techs and agencies too, but not to rely on 100% for work.

Just this last week, I have had to tell 4 clients that they shouldn’t be hiring techs or agencies that rely solely on panels or GUI’s to perform their duties.

Not that these people don’t deserve to make a living, because they do. But you shouldn’t be paying them as much as a tech or agency who knows their work inside and out.

These integrations and GUI’s are really nice to use most of the time. But opening up a terminal or working from the command-line shouldn’t be any different. Most prefer the command-line over the GUI’s anyways because no matter how easy the integrations and panels make things, the command-line is always faster.

The way to learn used to be:

Learn from the command-line first and then learn how to use the panels and GUI’s.

In my experience, not many people learn the tools of their trade anymore and they depend solely on the easy way to do things.

More coming…

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